Creatring website – Start here first

Here Is How To Set Up Instant Web Hosting For A Brand New Domain Name

Step One: Click Here To Get Started  Then Click – Get Started

Step Two: Choose your payment plan. If you are just started then choose BASIC. You can switch to other plans later.

Step Three: Search For Your Domain Name (enter .com, net, or org like this
Make Sure You Enter Like This (availible TLD = .com, .net, .org, .me, ect)
Examples could be but use your name ?
I Would Use or something

OR if you want choose domain name later, use this

Step Four: Choose your add ons, bonuses, and pay plan…

Choose 36 Month For The Best Deal

This Step Should Cost Between $60 (12 month plan) And $242 (36 Month Plan + all extensions) If You Followed The Steps Correctly